The future of material handling

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About you

Vision on intralogistics

The market of Automated Material Handling will be driven by a high need for flexibility in technology and the ability to cope with a continuous changing supply chain mindset.
The lack of HR capacity and the increased demand for agile supply chains will increase the need for automation even in processes which were traditionally manual and with fast changing logistic parameters.
Thus, agility, flexibility and scalability will be key.

What’s on your mind?

Owners of Intralogistic Technology companies will have to face this changing world, will have to be flexible and will feel the need to form virtual networks and open collaborations with other companies in order to answer this demanding market need.

About SMART21

The mission of SMART21 is to invest in agile companies active in smart logistics technology and enable them to outperform through knowledge and competence sharing.

Investment philosophy

SMART21 has a buy-build-hold investment philosophy ; we have a long-term investment vision, maintaining the DNA of the companies.

SMART21 wants to invest a majority OR a minority stake in its participations and is flexible in a time-based vesting scheme.
Key is that SMART21 listens to the expectations, needs and desires of the business owner.
Because we believe that the entrepreneurial spirit of the company should be maintained, we encourage continued participation of the management.

Our values

  • Integrity: We are honest and work according to moral principles
  • Respect: We treat the other as we want to be treated ourself
  • Loyalty: We stay with you, giving firm and constant support


CEO image

Jan Vercammen

Chief Enabling Officer

Advisory Board

  • Domain specialists and AMH veterans
  • Advices SMART21 about market trends
  • Participation of the SMART21 companies

Investment commitee

  • Seppe Onsea
  • Yannick Lens
  • Jan Vercammen

Board of directors

  • Wim Heylen
  • Didier Clerx
  • Jan Vercammen

A Company of the Heylen Group

We believe in cathedral building and investing, a true long term perspective.

Triple C approach

Financial Capital

New investments provide established companies with the strength to improve and expand their business

Human Capital

We believe in strong management, by nurturing entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation.

Strategic Capital

Many years of experience give us the know-how to inspire entrepreneurship on a strategic level

SMART21 as an enabler

Independency of the participations is key. We want to encourage the business executives to stay entrepreneurs. While it is not the intention to integrate the participations, SMART21 wants to be a cradle, encouraging knowledge sharing, trend watching and enabling synergies. Moreover, with the Heylen Group as our backbone, SMART21 wants to offer tools and means to enhance business performance; financing tools, ESG framework, etc.


E’log Automation is an independent Systems Integrator